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Stake Pools

On Solana, stake pools are a collection of one or more validator nodes. Delegators can stake to the stake pool, instead of staking to a specific validator. In most instances, delegators will receive a stake pool token in exchange for staking in a stake pool. By using a stake pool to distribute their staked SOL, delegators increase decentralization while receiving protection against any one validator node’s unexpected downtime.

Promotes Decentralization

Stake pools help decentralize the network by delegating stake across many validator nodes. Each stake pool has its own unique validator criteria and delegation strategy, with some pools requiring that validators be geographically decentralized and meet minimum performance criteria in order to be added to the validator set.

Diversifies your stake investment

By delegating SOL to a stake pool instead of an individual validator, delegators help ensure stake (and therefore voting power) is decentralized across many validator nodes. This helps strengthen the Solana network in the long term. In addition, delegators receive liquid stake pool tokens which they can use on DeFi applications (a feature that is not available when staking to an individual validator).

Become a pool manager

Running a stake pool helps secure and decentralize the network, while earning you rewards!

Join a stake pool

Learn more about all the different stake pools available on Solana and their unique delegation strategies by visiting each stake pool’s webpage.

Coming soon: Learn more about stake pools on Solana!